Crofters Craft flatware is created by the sixth and seventh generations of an Australian cattle family. We specialise in the use of Australian cattle horn and fine Italian pewter, every piece is handcrafted and unique. We collect the horn from outback cattle stations across the north of Australia, the scale and ruggedness of these stations means that some cattle reach maturity before being handled by humans. They are then dehorned to comply with animal welfare laws to minimise bruising to other animals during transport, and for the safety of the stockmen.

The horn industry is centuries old with the skills being passed down and added to over the generations. It can be moulded to the required shape with heat and pressure or used in its natural shape for handles etc. Our products are sanded in at least five stages before receiving two stages of polish, leaving a very fine tactile surface.  Moulded horn retains a “memory” and will revert to its original shape with heat.

Our pewter objects may be hand cut, planished, pressed, spun onto a mould or soldered as required. Final shaping is done by hand & eye, before being sanded and highly polished or satin finished. All pewter will slowly take on a grey patina as it ages.

We hope you enjoy your piece of Crofters Craft for many generations.


Ross & Gillian


Ross Plant was raised on a cattle property in the foothills of the Bunya Mountains in Queensland. For the first 25 years of his working life he was a cattleman, horseman & farmer in a family business. He has now downsized this side of his life & lives on a small farm growing good food for family & friends using the principals of permaculture, bio-dynamics, low stress stock handling etc.

From a young age he loved any craft work and the craft afternoon at primary school was the highlight of the school week. Throughout the years of high school his concentration was on making leather tack for station work. Later in the jackarooing years, nights were often spent carving leather belts & handbags. Holidays fossicking for gems, led to the introduction of a faceting machine and jewellery making to the family living room. Work with precious metals & gems has shaped & sharpened the attention to detail- already evident in his perfectionist nature.

A hobby of breeding Texas Longhorns led to an interest in polishing the horns for display, but there is a limit to the number of hat racks anyone needs. Another use had to be found. A weekend workshop with John Trier was an introduction to the beautiful gentle metal Pewter & how it & horn combine symbiotically to form items of beauty & function. After years of honing his skills on horn and pewter, Ross now creates exquisite, unique pieces of beauty and function using fine Italian pewter and Australian horn. Ross’s eye for detail and ability to produce a high quality finished item has  elite galleries throughout Australia and international enthusiasts ordering and selling his horn and pewter creations.

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